Amish Fiction

The Courtships of Lancaster County Series • Bethany House


Courting Cate - Book 1

A retelling of “The Taming of the Shrew”

Bestseller • 2013 RWA, FHL Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award finalist

#1 Bestselling Author Leslie Gould Delivers a New Amish Romance Series

Courting Cate by Leslie GouldIn Paradise Township live two sisters, Cate and Betsy Miller. Both are beautiful, but older sister Cate is known more for her sharp tongue and fiery temper than her striking appearance. Betsy, on the other hand, is sweet and flirty—and seems to have attracted most of the bachelors in Lancaster County!

However, the sisters’ wealthy father has made one hard and fast rule: elder sister must marry first. Unfortunately for poor Betsy, and for the men who want to court her, her older sister, Cate, doesn’t have any suitors—until Pete Treger comes to town.

Though he finds both sisters attractive, something about Cate’s feisty demeanor appeals to him. Soon the other bachelors in the district convince Pete to court Cate. She hardly seems receptive to his overtures, though. Instead, she’s immediately suspicious of his interest.



Adoring Addie – Book 2

Inspired by “Romeo and Juliet”

2014 RWA, FHL Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award finalist


When Addie Cramer’s mutter and daed decide Phillip Eicher is the man for her to marry, they claim she must honor them by obeying their wishes. But then she falls in love with Jonathan Mosier–part of a family with whom the Cramers have a long-held grudge.

With the help of others in her community who long to see the quarrel healed, Jonathan and Addie struggle to continue their relationship against both sets of parents’ wishes. But when one of Addie’s vengeful brothers harms a member of the Mosier family, Jonathan intervenes and is banished from Lancaster County.

A distraught Addie determines to find the true reason for the grudge between the two families, hoping to tear down the animosity of the past. Can their love for each other bridge the divide between their families? Or are they destined to remain apart forever?

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Minding Molly – Book 3

Inspired by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Minding Molly by Author Leslie GouldMolly Zook’s always liked being in control, so she’s struggling with her mother’s wish that, to save the family farm, she marry Mervin Mosier. Especially after Molly meets Leon Fisher. He’s from Montana but is now training horses at a nearby ranch. He’s tall and muscular and confident–Molly has never met anyone like him and she’s sure he feels the same about her.

Determined to let nothing get between them, Molly tries to coax Mervin into falling back in love with Molly’s best friend, Hannah. A weekend camping trip in the Poconos could be just the place. . .

But things quickly go awry, and it seems Leon and Hannah might be falling for each other instead! Will Molly keep struggling to control everyone and everything around her? Or will she learn to let God handle the twists and turns of her life?

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Becoming Bea – Book 4

Inspired by “Much Ado About Nothing”

BecomingBeaCan Bea and Ben Turn Rivalry Into Romance?

Beatrice Zook knows God wants her to learn patience toward others. When assisting a family overwhelmed by triplets proves surprisingly successful, her confidence in dealing with others, both young and old, grows.

One person she’ll never be able to find peace with though is Ben Rupp. They’ve known each other forever, and Ben understands precisely how to antagonize her. What neither she nor Ben will admit is that beneath all their bickering, attraction awaits. When friends decide to try and bring the couple together, will the pair be able to find true love? Or will they damage their relationship beyond repair?