Susan Messiener’s latest novel, The Girl in the Glass, is a must read

I finished The Girl in the Glass by Susan Meissner in a day—I couldn’t put it down. Set in Florence, the novel tells two parallel stories, one set in the present and the other during the time of the Medici family.

Not only had my oldest daughter traveled to Florence recently, but so had one of my best friends. Both, of course, raved about the city. I’ve been to Italy but not Florence. The Girl in the Glass made me want to go all the more.

Susan does an amazing job making the city a character in the story and bringing both the art and the history of the area alive.

As the main character, Meg, works through the disappointments of her relationship with her father, the character from over 400 years ago works through her own hurts and losses. What we don’t realize, until later, is that a secondary character in the present-day story has heartaches, embedded long ago, that she needs to deal with too. The three threads add both texture and depth to the story.

Susan is one of my favorite literary writers in the Christian market. I’ve been thrilled with every book of hers that I’ve read and highly recommend her work.

Tomorrow I’ll post answers from Susan about The Girl in the Glass. In the meantime visit her blog and enter to win a framed watercolor print of Florence’s Duomo and Arno River or a basket of Italian goodies.

And leave a comment on my blog on today or tomorrow’s posts to win a copy of The Girl in the Glass.

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  1. Leslie Gould
    Sep 24, 2012

    Here’s the direct link to the contest:

    But visit Susan’s blog too if you get a chance if you aren’t a regular reader. She has great stuff on there!